The garage can easily become a catch-all space for items that don’t have a place in the house. Holiday decor, out-of-season clothing, children’s toys, and craft supplies may end up in the garage. If you have a cluttered garage that is in need of reorganization, try these 6 garage storage solutions to help tidy the space.

Vertical Rolling Storage Shelves are Garage Storage Solutions

Vertical rolling storage shelves are perfect for reorganizing your garage. They are versatile because you can move and reposition them wherever you want in your garage to accommodate new items and other storage features. Use these shelves for paint cans, cleaning supplies, gardening supplies, and more.

Ceiling Mounted Racks

Ceiling mounted racks are a great way to get storage boxes off of your garage floor and make use of your unused vertical space. These racks are perfect for storing seasonal items that are usually only used once a year.

Plastic Storage Bins for Garage Storage Solutions

Purchase a variety of plastic storage bins in the same color and different sizes to store things in your garage. Place them on a sturdy shelving unit that can support the weight. Go the extra mile and label each storage bin, so you know which one is which when you are searching for specific items.

Recycle Jars and Containers to Store Small Things

Screws, nuts, and bolts need to be contained. Save jars to store them and to prevent them from getting lost in your garage. Any used food containers will work for a smaller recycled garage storage solution, just ape over the old label and relabel them with what’s inside.

Magnetic Strips

Chances are you have a lot of tools in your garage. Install magnetic strips at your work area for quick access to all of your tools without having to shuffle through a toolbox. Hang up screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, and other tools on the magnetic strips. You can also attach a soup can or two to one of the strips to hold nuts and bolts.

Store Bikes on Ceiling Hooks

Bikes are bulky when they are stored on the floor of your garage. Grab utility hooks from the hardware store to accommodate all of your bikes so you can hang them from the ceiling and free up your floor space.

Get creative with your garage storage solutions and you’ll likely even come up with some ideas of your own!

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