When buying a newly built home, you expect the finished house to be perfect. You’re the first owner, and all components, features, and appliances are brand new. You may think a home inspection isn’t necessary, but it’s important to get an inspection on new construction to protect your investment.

Minimum Building Code Inspections

Local building and construction codes are in place to ensure that homes meet minimum safety standards. A code inspector will do a quick check of the building to make sure it is habitable. The local code inspectors are also under time constraints and won’t spend the same time or attention examining the property as a home inspector.

Order an Inspection on New Construction to Discover Defects

You expect a new build to be free from problems or defects. However, your builder will sub-contract different companies to work on your home. Each company has its own employees to help with construction such as framers, painters, plumbers, electricians, and roofers. With many people working on the job, mistakes can be made or defective materials may be used. Here are a few examples of problems that are found with newly built homes.

  • Inadequate seals around windows or doors causing poor energy efficiency
  • Foundation cracks
  • Improper gutter installation can lead to issues with drainage
  • Incorrect wiring for lighting and outlets
  • Improper installation of pipes that may cause water leaks
  • Insufficient insulation for the local climate.
  • Missing or poorly installed handrails

Request that Repairs are Made

Home inspectors are professionals who are trained to complete a thorough examination of the property. Your inspector will provide a report detailing any defects, issues, or safety concerns found with the new build. Using the information from the inspection report, you can request that the builder address any problems or repairs before your move-in date.

Prepare for a Future Sale with an Inspection on New Construction

If you’ve just built a new home, you’re likely not planning to put it on the market right away. This house might be yours for years, or you may find yourself moving in the future for a new job or a larger home. When you list your house for sale, the buyer will order a home inspection. Any existing problems will be brought to light during the inspection, even issues related to the original construction of the home. As the homeowner, you’ll be responsible for repairing those defects or lowering your asking price.

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